Customers now have the ability to cancel and refund their order on their own. To cancel and refund your order:

1. Locate your order confirmation email in your inbox. (It will have the subject "Order #000000 confirmed" with your order number). Your order confirmation email is different than the 'Pre-Order Info' email you might've also received. 

2. Click the 'View your order' button in the email. This will load your order status page. 

3. Click the 'Cancel order' button. 

The cancellation and refund will be processed momentarily. You will receive a cancellation confirmation via email. Please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to process on your credit card. 

Please understand that all cancellations are final. If you change your mind and wish to reinstate the order, you will need to place a new online order.

Order Confirmation Email Example: