If your order arrived damaged, we kindly ask you review the two categories below to decide where your order fits best: 

1. Courier Damage: My order arrived with a damaged box, packaging, or envelope, that appears to be the result of rough transportation. 

  • The Canadian Shield ships all order with complementary insurance coverage should your package be lost or damaged. In this scenario, the complementary insurance will cover any costs to replace or refund your order
  • If your order has been delivered to you with damaged packaging that appears to be a result from rough transportation, we kindly ask that you make a claim with the courier regarding this shipment. (You will need to provide specific details about the package, including photo evidence of the damage)
    1. Make a claim with UPS here: https://www.ups.com/ca/en/help-center/claims-support.page
    2. Once the claim has been accepted by UPS, they will issue you a claim number for your package.
    3. You can then file a customer support ticket with us. Please provide the details of the situation with your claim number from UPS.
    4. UPS will contact us to let us know the claim has been made. 
    5. Once we're notified of the claim by UPS and you've submitted a customer support ticket for the order, our team will either reship or refund your order, depending on which you'd prefer. 

2. Warranty / Quality Concern: My order arrived with damaged product inside but the external shipping packaging is not damaged. 

  • If your order arrived with damaged product inside, and it does not appear to be the result of rough transport, we kindly ask that you review our Warranty / Quality Concern policy and submit a Customer Support ticket for the order.
  • If the damage is found to be the result of manufacturer error, our team is happy to resolve the issue for you.