Online order fulfillment is the number one priority for our team. Our dedicated team is working as quickly as possible to fulfill and ship all orders. 

Please review the information below to answer 'when will my order ship?':

  • Pre-Orders: All pre-orders will ship according the fulfillment timeline details at the time of checkout and the information provided in the 'Pre-Order Info' email you received after checkout. Pre-orders are equivalent to backorders in that exact fulfillment dates will vary depending on when your order was placed and the stock available. We are unable to provide exact timelines beyond the information provided to you when you placed the order. If anything should change about the timeline of your pre-order, our team will be in touch.
  • Regular order (not a pre-order): All regular online orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 1-3 business days. Please note, the order ETA = the fulfillment time (1-3 business days) + the delivery time (3-9 business days).

Can you expedite my order?

Due to the extreme volume of orders, The Canadian Shield is not able expedite any online orders. We understand that with the pandemic there are extenuating circumstances but we are still not able to expedite the fulfillment of your order beyond the fulfillment timelines outlined above. 

Can I get an update on my order?

Due to the extreme volume of orders, we are unable to provide order updates beyond what's shown on your order status page. For more information about this and how to find your order status page, please refer to our FAQ titled 'I want an update on my order'.