If your rapid antigen test kit is missing parts, please submit a customer support ticket and our team will be happy to help you resolve the issue. 

In order to resolve the issue efficiently, we'll need you to provide the following information: 

  • Order #
  • Email associated with the order 
  • Exactly what parts are missing from the kit and how many
  • A picture if you feel it would help the situation
  • The more details to provide, the quicker our team can help generate a resolution 

Please also be advised: 

  • The 5-pack of BTNX Rapid Response Rapid Antigen Test Kits does not contain a bottle of buffer solution. Instead, the kit comes with 5 x individually packed buffer liquid packs - as indicated on the product listing here.
  • You must provide the appropriate information for the order as detailed above. The Canadian Shield cannot replace or resolve issues regarding missing parts for orders that were not placed with us.