We will be substituting all outstanding BTNX Rapid Response 5-Pack orders for Artron COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test 5-Packs. 

Based on ongoing delays with the manufacturer BTNX Inc, our team has decided to substitute all outstanding pre-orders with an alternative rapid test product in order to get our customers their rapid tests as soon as possible. 

This substitute rapid test from Atron is a more sensitive, Made in Canada Rapid Antigen Test that has a number of improved features when compared to the BTNX Rapid Response test. We've provided more details below if you're interested in the comparison between these two tests. 

We sincerely hope that this substitution is acceptable to you and understand that this decision was made in order to best serve our incredible customers who have been so patient over the past weeks and months.

Product Comparison Chart


Artron Nasal Rapid Test 

BTNX Rapid Response Nasal Test 

Made in Canada 

Made in China 

91.3% Sensititvity 

90.2% Sensititvity 

99.56% Specificity 

100.0% Specificity 

$11.60/test retail value 

$10/test retail value 

1-Step Buffer Vials (pre-filled) 

2-Step Buffer Vials (not pre-filled) 

Comfortable Polyester Nasal Swab 

Flocked Nasopharyngeal-Style Swab 

Reduced Plastic Packaging 

Regular Packaging 

Ready to ship 

Ongoing delays and uncertain availability 

Heath Canada Authorized 

Heath Canada Authorized